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Henry Weinhard's

Root Beer

"Original Recipe"

"Premium Draught Style Head"

Blitz-Weinhard Brewery, Tumwater, Washington

[This information is on the bottle, but the Blitz-Weinhard Brewery in Tumwater was closed by Miller Brewing Company in January 2003.  I have no information on where Henry's is currently brewed.]


From the bottle:  "Enjoy a truly great American Root Beer originally crafted by our master brewers during prohibition.  This gourmet elixir, brewed with sassafras, vanilla and honey, proved to be a popular alternative for our beer-drinking loyalists.  Our tradition of providing only the highest quality beverages continues today in each bottle that bears our founder's name, brewmaster Henry Weinhard."


Review:  This root beer came highly recommended by many, but did not live up to its billing in our 2001 Taste-Off, where it ranked 6th of 9 beers.  "No smell," complained one, while another noted a "sour aftertaste."  One taster called it "smooth and tasty," but another called it "too upfront -- not much on the tail end."  Caramel with a "slightly oxidized/cloying sweetness -- too sweet," judged one taster.  

        I, however, differ from the rest of the family and find Henry's to be one of the finest root beers.  It has a rooty nose, and a full-bodied taste, richly sweet and smooth with a pleasant light wintergreen 

aftertaste.  This is a great root beer.


Luke's Numbers (12/25/01)



Sweetness  9

Carbonation  9

Rootiness  8

Smoothness  9

Aftertaste  8

Over-all mouthfeel  9

Over-all Flavor  8.5

Over-all Root Beer Experience  8.5

Over-all average  8.63

Rank:  10 of 143


2001 Cole Family Root Beer Taste-Off (6th)



Sweetness  5.38

Carbonation  6.50

Rootiness  5.38

Smoothness  6.00

Aftertaste  4.79

Over-all mouthfeel  5.71

Over-all Flavor  5.44

Over-all Root Beer Experience  5.94

Over-all average  5.64

Cole Family Rank:  10 of 15  



Ingredients:  carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, vanilla extract, natural and artificial flavors, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness), honey essence, acacia sassafras extract.  12 oz. bottle, 170 calories, 75 mg sodium, 43 g carbohydrates, 42 g as sugars.


Acquired:  Beverages & More, San Francisco; Plaza Deli, Santa Barbara.


Available: widely in supermarkets in California.

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