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Myers Avenue Red

Root Beer

Cripple Creek Brewing

30W114 Butterfield Road, Warrenville, Illinois 60555
630/393-4800 (Brewery)      630/393-0540 (Office)

email: LBARTL6415@AOL.COM


From the bottle (under an 1893 photo of Frank J. Wisner)

        "Flooded shafts.  Idled miners.  No gold.  Such was the fate of Frank's mine.  One evening, at a drinking establishment on the infamous Myer's Avenue, a chance encounter with a new beverage whetted Frank's imagination.

        The drink?  Rootbeer.  Frank's ideas?  Add molasses, and it's a hearty change of pace for the miner who doesn't want his compatriots to think he's become a temperance advocate.  Some cinnamon to naturally sweeten it, and you have a cold refreshing indulgence for all to enjoy on the hot dusty days in Cripple Creek.  A secret ingredient gave it a rich amber hue, a quaint reminder of it's Myers Aveue genesis.

        Eureka!  MYERS AVENUE RED rootbeer rejuvenated Frank's company.  A frosty mug of "RED" became the favorite of miner, madam and minister alike.  Taste the halcyon days of The Cripple Creek Cow Mountain Gold Mining Company in every bottle of MYERS AVENUE RED!"



        Cinnamon nose, bold cinnamon first bite, tremendous cinnamon follow-through.  And then there's the cinnamon...   Smooth, well-carbonated without being over-powering.  And then there's the cinnamon -- did I mention the cinnamon?  This is a tasty brew, but the cinnamon dominates everything so that if there was any rootiness at all, one can't taste it.  It's kind of like Gale's on steroids -- cinnamon steroids.


Luke's Numbers (3/23/03)



Sweetness  9

Carbonation  8 

Rootiness  5

Smoothness  8

Aftertaste  7

Over-all mouthfeel  8 

Over-all Flavor  7.5 

Over-all Root Beer Experience  7.5  

Over-all average  7.50

Luke's Rank: 25 of 78 


Ingredients: carbonated water, pure cane sugar, natural flavors, cinnamon, vanilla, molasses, sodium benzoate (preservative).  12 oz., 130 calories, 30 mg sodium, 35 g carbohydrates, 35 g sugars.  



        Cripple Creek Brewing homepage (still under construction, 3/03)

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