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World's Largest

Ball of Paint

Alexandria, Indiana


House-painter Mike Carmichael got the idea to paint a baseball in 1977, and has been painting it almost daily ever since.  After 18,033 coats -- the last one applied by yours truly -- the ball of paint around the baseball is about 110 inches around, and weighs 1200 pounds.  See also, the Man Behind the Ball.



Mike is highly organized, and keeps a log book of each coat, each color, and who painted it.  I was happy to sign the log book, and I received a certificate indicating that I had participated in painting the world's largest ball of paint.




Apparently the press has been contacting him with increasing frequency since Guinness is certifying the ball as officially the world's largest (can there be much competition?).  Sherwin-Williams will soon be sponsoring the ball, and there is an official website run by Mike's daughter.  Well worth a visit to Alexandria, Mike and his wife live at 10696 N. 200 W., which is the road that runs north-to-south 2 miles west of Alexandria -- if you go out 128 and turn south on 200 W, you will get to it on your left in about 2 miles.


Photographs Luke W. Cole

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