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World's Largest Artichoke

Giant Artichoke

11261 Merritt, Castroville, California



        Castroville is the Artichoke Capital of the World, and the Giant Artichoke is a fitting icon for the town.  The Giant Artichoke is a must-stop for anyone traveling to or from the Monterey Peninsula.  The deep fried artichoke hearts, while clogging your arteries, are majorly tasty; these should be eaten hot or at least warm, though -- few things are as unappetizing as these little nuggets the next day.  The restaurant is on the right of the artichoke, the fruit and vegie stand to the left.  You can get bags of frozen artichoke hearts for deep-frying at home, too.  Mmmm!



Photographs Luke W. Cole


The Giant Artichoke has inspired some fun photographs over the years, check the links out...



        Michael Shay's arty black-and-white take on the 'choke

        Phil G's meditative photograph of the interior of the Giant Artichoke Restaurant

        Glass, Steel and Stone's musings on the Giant Artichoke

        Roadside America's page on the Artichoke

        Chloemichelle poses by the giant vegie (it gives you a sense of scale)

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